Heidi Taillefer’s work is an original creative fusion of classical figurative painting, surrealism, contemporary realism, and mythology combined with popular figurative traditions ranging from Victorian romanticism to science fiction.        Her artwork is consonant with some of the 20th century surrealists such as Max Ernst, and Girogio DeChirico.

She addresses eternal issues on the human condition borrowing from mythologies throughout different eras and cultures, through the lens and language of mechanism, mirroring the ubiquity of technological advancement in the world.

In her work she attempts to marry primordial human essence with the explosive expansion of the machine, as a new paradigm looms close on the horizon and promises a redefinition of what it means to be human.


July 19 - July 19, 2014


(group exhibition)


Gitana Rosa Gallery

530 West 25th Street, 407

New York, New York



August 16 - September 6, 2014

Suggestivism: Chronology

(group exhibition)


Copro Nason Gallery

2525 Michigan Avenue T5

Santa Monica, California